Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Cool Marvel vs Capcom glitch found by Desk!

Desk, some hate him for being in the spotlights, some like him, but you can't deny he has an extremely good understanding of game engines and he learns quickly.

Halfway in the movie it's shown how to play like the small Felicia helper in training mode!

If there are people interested in combo videos, glitches or just generally good gameplay you should really check his channel!

A small funfact: Capcom said they would've offered him a job as tester and bugfinder for a nice salary, but since Desk never contacted them they asume he doesn't want to do it. So he actually refused a job offer from one of the bigger game companies so he could keep doing this as a hobby.


  1. being a tester is NOT as fun as it sounds... trust me.

  2. Oh, he sounds like a cool guy.
    Nice glitch, and she's really cute!

  3. oh god just look at deadpool chillan like a boss